A Fork in the Road

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   . What Readers Are Saying

   . Introduction

   . Does Any of This Matter?

   . About the Book Title

  1. Early Warning Signs: Two Tectonic Plates

  2. Basic Flaw on the Part of Both Parties

  3. Amalysis of a Theological Impasse

  4. Time to See the Big Picture

  5. What Happens When Theological Clarity Becomes Fog?

  6. Missing the Opportunity of the Century

  7. Fifty Years of Muddle

  8. The Unique Adventist Understanding of the Great Controversy

  9. Fifty Years Later—What Should We Do to Rectify Mistakes?

   . Appendice A

   . Appendice B

   . Appendice C

   . Appendice D

   . Appendice E

   . Appendice F

   . Appendice G