Which Gospel?


  1. Take Heed

  2. What is the Gospel?

  3. The Misconception of Sin

  4. “Made Like Unto His Brethren”

  5. The Atonement

  6. Our Title to Heaven

  7. Our Fitness for Heaven

  8. The Power of the Holy Spirit

  9. Does God Expect Too Much?

10. God’s Finished Mystery

11. The 144,000 and the Seal of God

12. God’s Sorrow – Our Shame

13. The Two Covenants

14. The Future of the Remnant Church

  A. Counsel on How to Overcome Sin

  B. Fifty Ways to Overcome Sin

  C. Doctrinal Differences of the Remnant Church

  D. Babylon’s Corrupted Doctrines in Adventism