What Is the 1888 Message? Is It Biblical?


  1. In Order to Save us, Christ Had to Take our Fallen, Sinful Nature

  2. In Order to Be Our High Priest, Christ Must Take Our Fallen, Sinful Nature

  3. Character Perfection vis-a-vis the Second Coming of Christ

  4. Preparation for Christ’s Coming: A Day of Atonement Ministry

  5. The 1888 Message Sees the Cross From Another Perspective

  6. What did Christ Accomplish by His Sacrifice?

  7. The Powerful Message of the Two Covenants

  8. The Gospel That Transcends Both Calvinism and Arminianism

  9. The Dynamics of the Constraining Power of Agape

10. The Soul-winning Effectiveness of the 1888 Concepts

Appendix A: The 1888 View of the Two Covenants

  1. Introduction

  2. Ellen White’s Endorsements of the 1888 View

  3. What was the Jones/Waggoner View of the Covenants?

  4. Is There Bible Support for the 1888 View?

  5. The Two Covenants in Adventism Since 1888

  6. Answers to Objections

Appendix B: The Bible View of Corporate Repentance (With Ellen White Insights)

  1. Introduction: A proven Path to Soul-winning!

  2. An Essential Scripture Idea?

  3. Paul Develops the “Corporate” Ideas in 1 Corinthians 12

  4. Corporate Identity in the Old Testament

  5. Is corporate Guilt Recognized in Scripture?

  6. Christ’s Own Corporate Repentance

  7. Jesus called Jewish leadership to national repentance

  8. Jesus calls leadership of Laodicean church to repentance

  9. The fruits of corporate and denominational repentance