The Rights of the People


   . Preface

  1. Christianity and the Roman Empire

  2. What is Due to God, and What to Caesar?

  3. The Powers That Be

  4. The Rights of the People

  5. How the United States Became a Nation

  6. What Is the Nation?

  7. Who Made the Nation?

  8. Religious Right in the United States

  9. Religious Right Invaded

10. The People’s Right of Appeal

11. National Precedent on Right of Appeal

12. The Buglers, the Miners and Sappers

13. The Sunday-law Movement in the Fourth Century, and Its Parallel in the Nineteenth

14. Will the People Assert and Maintain Their Rights?

15. Religious Right in the States

  A. The Declaration of Independence

  B. The Constitution of the United States

  C. The Dred Scott Decision

  *. Extract from Justice McLean’s Dissenting Opinion

  *. Extract from Justice Curtis’s Dissenting Opinion

  D. The “Christian Nation” Decision