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Beyond Belief

Church — An Extension of Christ, The

Cross of Christ, The

Dynamics of the Everlasting Gospel, The

Ephesians, Queen of the Epistles

God So Loved the World Bible Guides

Good News in a Nutshell, The

Gospel Issues in Adventism

Holy Spirit, The

Laodicean Message, The

Parables of Jesus, The

Revealing the Gospel in Galatians

Romans – A Free Paraphrase, The

Romans – The Clearest Gospel of All

Sanctuary, The

Saviour of the World

Sermon on the Mount, The

Study of Hebrews

 Other Writings

The Two Phases of Salvation

The Two Became One: Jesus Christ at the Incarnation

The Biblical Definition of Sin

The Love of God

The Objective Facts of the ‘In Christ’ Motif

The Supreme Sacrifice

The Three Angels’ Message

The Truth As It Is In Christ

The Two Adams: An Exposition of Romans 5:11-21


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