Corporate Repentance


   . Foreword

   . Introduction

  1. A FAX Direct From Heaven

  2. Not a Word of Praise From Jesus!

  3. The Fundamental Truth: Christ’s Church As His Corporate Body

  4. The Disappointed Christ

  5. The Lord’s Most Serious Problem of the Ages

  6. A First In Human History: A Day of Atonement Repentance

  7. Christ’s Repentance for Sins He Never Committed

  8. How Christ Called the Ancient Jews to National Repentance

  9. How the Ancient Jewish Nation Sealed Their Doom

10. The Urgency of Christ’s Call to Repent

11. The Practical Problem: How Can a Church of Millions of Members Repent?

12. What Our Denominational History Tells Us

13. Corporate Repentance: Path to Christlike Love

  A. A Repentance of Ministers and Their Families

  B. Laodicea Is Not Doomed

  C. Ezekiel 18 And Corporate Guilt