An Explicit Confession Due the Church


  1. An explicit confession due the church

  2. What did the authors say in the beginning?

  3. The call for a confession

  4. What should be done?

  5. What “Movement of Destiny” says

  6. What Ellen G. White says

  7. Denominational repentance?

  8. Evidence is overwhelming

  9. Does Ellen G. White contradict herself?

10. Is the picture balanced?

11. What did the “eyewitnesses” really say?

12. What about the “confessions” of those who repented?

13. Can all members understand this problem?

14. Did re-organization cancel out rejection?

15. What attitude did the Lord’s messenger take?

16. The honor and vindication of Christ is involved in this!

17. What can we say?

18. A solution must be found

19. Can something be done?

20. Something is not right!

21. Our “confession”

  A. The New Testament basis of corporate guilt and repentance

  B. The ‘Jews’ acceptance of christ as the Messiah

  C. Sampling of the actual text of 1888 re-examined

  D. A chronological table of interest leading to this “confession”

  E. About the authors

  F. Addendum