The Lion That Ran Away


   . Foreword

  1. The Lion That Ran Away!

  2. The Sheep That Couldn’t Find Its Way Home

  3. How Little People Can Be Very Important

  4. Moja and the Heavy Glass Door

  5. Moja and His Mess

  6. Moja Gets Saved

  7. Bobby and the Black Oil

  8. The Man Jesus Met on the Road

  9. Why It’s So Hard to Fight Against God

10. Want to Hear About My 20 Million Babies?

11. When The Lord’s Angel Saved Our Lives

12. Who Brought You Into the World?

13. The Story of the Proud Baobab Tree

14. Why the Lady’s Prayer Wasn’t Answered (Right Away)

15. How the Lord Makes It Hard for Anyone to Be Lost

16. When Margie Gave Me a Brand New Mercedes Benz

17. Where Big Folks and Little Folks Often Get It Backwards

18. Margie and the Baboons

19. When the Wrong Kid Gets the Blame

20. Who Holds Whose Hand?

21. How to Make a Lot of Money (but maybe I’m wrong!)

22. When the Mbwa Flies Wanted to Eat Us Up

23. The Broken Stone Story

24. Would You Like to Be a Tumbleweed?

25. How Can You Teach Your Dog to Do a Trick?

26. The Elephant That Needed the Dentist

27. How Do Angels Get Us to Listen?

28. The Story of How Something Hard Becomes Easy

29. Why the New Covenant Is the Happiest Way to Live

30. The Little Boy Who Trampled Satan Under Foot

31. The Battle Jesus Won When He Was Only 12

32. How My Wrecked Volkswagen “Bug” Was “Converted”

33. Has Jesus Done Anything For You?

34. How An African Man Saved Jesus

35. The Man Who Made God Happy

36. Have You Ever Wished It Would Rain?

37. Can We Understand What Jesus Is Doing Now?

38. Tell Us More … What Does “Translation” Mean?

39. The Latter Rain Story Will Become Very Good News

40. Will It Be Fun to Meet Jesus Face to Face!