Character Sketches from the Life of Daniel


   . Preface

  1. Gods Purpose Concerning Israel

  2. Causes of the Babylonish Captivity

  3. Early Training of Daniel and His Companions

  4. Daniels Temperance Principles

  5. The 10-Day Trial

  6. The Reward of Temperance

  7. A Warfare Against Iemperance

  8. Success in Education

  9. Earnestness of Purpose

10. The Vision of the Great Image

11. The Interpretation of the Vision of the Great Image

12. The Moral Deterioration of a Nation

13. Obedience the Condition of Gods Favor

14. True Wisdom

15. Gods Prophetic Word

16. A Perversion of Truth

17. The Fiery Furnace

18. In the Midst of the Fire

19. The Sabbath Test

20. Nebuchadnezzars Babylon

21. Nebuchadnezzars Second Dream

22. The Interpretation of Nebuchadnezzars Second Dream

23. Nebuchadnezzars Humiliation

24. Nebuchadnezzars Restoration

25. Self Exaltation

26. The Unseen Watcher

27. Found Wanting

28. Cast Into the Den of Lions

29. A Faithful Prime Minister and a Faithful Prophet

30. The End of the Seventy Years

31. The Prayer of a Truly Sanctified Man

32. Daniels Prayers Prevail

33. Them That Honor Me I Will Honor

34. Dare to Be a Daniel