From Here to Forever


  1. A Forecast of the World’s Destiny

  2. The First Christians–Loyal and True

  3. Spiritual Darkness in the Early Church

  4. The Waldenses Defend the Faith

  5. The Light Breaks in England

  6. Two Heroes Face Death

  7. Luther, a Man for His Time

  8. A Champion of Truth

  9. Light Kindled in Switzerland

10. Progress in Germany

11. The Protest of the Princes

12. Daybreak in France

13. The Netherlands and Scandinavia

14. Truth Advances in Britain

15. France’s Reign of Terror: Its True Cause

16. Seeking Freedom in a New World

17. Promises of Christ’s Return

18. New Light in the New World

19. Why the Great Disappointment?

20. Love for Christ’s Coming

21. Reaping the Whirlwind

22. Prophecies Fulfilled

23. The Open Mystery of the Sanctuary

24. What Is Christ Doing Now?

25. God’s Law Immutable

26. Champions for Truth

27. How Successful Are Modern Revivals?

28. Facing Our Life Record

29. Why Was Sin Permitted?

30. Satan and Man at War

31. Evil Spirits

32. How to Defeat Satan

33. What Lies Beyond the Grave?

34. Who Are the “Spirits” in Spiritualism?

35. Liberty of Conscience Threatened

36. The Impending Conflict

37. Our Only Safeguard

38. God’s Final Message

39. The Time of Trouble

40. God’s People Delivered

41. The Earth in Ruins

42. Eternal Peace: The Controversy Ended

   . Appendix