Testimonies for the Church, Volume 9

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  1. The Last Crisis

  2. Called to Be Witnesses

  3. A Holy Life

  4. Christ’s Representatives

  5. Steadfast Adherence to the Truth

  6. A World-Wide Message

  7. The Kind of Workers Needed

  8. An Impressive Scene

  9. Home Missionary Work

10. Our Example

11. The Result of Wholehearted Effort

12. Different Lines of Service

13. Circulating Our Publications

14. House-to-House Work

15. Work for Women

16. The Home A Mission Field

17. A Place for Everyone

18. The Result of Failing to Work

19. An Appeal for Untiring Effort

20. Missionary Families

21. Development Through Service

22. The Need of Earnest Effort

23. A Lack of Sympathy

24. “Freely Ye Have Received, Freely Give”

25. God’s Benevolence

26. The World’s Need of Help

27. Our Selfishness a Hindrance to God’s Work

28. God’s Almoners

29. Our Publications

30. Circulate the Publications

31. An Encouraging Experience

32. Dangers in Speculative Study

33. Dignity of the Book Work

34. Unity in Progress

35. Our Relief Books

36. Lift the Debts

37. Another View of the Book Work

38. A Caution

39. A Parable for Our Study

40. Light for All

41. A Lesson in Commercialism

42. A Broader View

43. Camp Meetings and Our Publications

44. Conditions in the Cities

45. The Judgments of God on our Cities

46. A Present-Day Work

47. In the Cities of the East

48. Liberality in Missionary Effort

49. A Motive For Service

50. Get Ready

51. Methods of Labor

52. The Need of House-to-House Work

53. The City Mission a Training School

54. Teaching the Principles of Health Reform

55. The Wealthy Classes Not to be Passed By

56. Plans for Enlarging Our Laboring Forces

57. Development of Talent in the Churches

58. Joyous Service

59. Personal Effort in Connection With Camp Meetings

60. Tourist Centers and Centers of Commerce

61. With Unflagging Zeal

62. An Appeal to Laymen

63. A Reformatory Movement

64. Laboring While Probation Lingers

65. The Importance of Personal Labor

66. Cherishing a Spirit of Self-Denial

67. Conditions of Acceptable Service

68. Words of Counsel to Ministers

69. In Courage And Simplicity

70. Formality In Worship

71. Unity In Diversity

72. In The Meekness Of Christ

73. Meeting Opposition

74. The Need of Earnest, Whole-Souled Labor

75. Faithfulness in Health Reform

76. Personal Responsibility

77. Strength Through Obedience

78. Flesh Foods

79. “To the Glory of God”

80. Teaching Health Principles

81. Extremes in Diet

82. Diet in Different Countries

83. A Word to the Wavering

84. Conditions of Answered Prayer

85. Self-Surrender and Rest

86. A Plea For Medical Missionary Evangelists

87. Sanitariums as Missionary Agencies

88. The Training of Workers

89. Nurses As Evangelists

90. The Loma Linda College of Evangelists

91. Unity Among Different Nationalities

92. Unity in Christ Jesus

93. A Life of Grace and Peace

94. The Publishing Work at College View

95. Christ’s Relation to Nationality

96. A Sure Foundation

97. German and Scandinavian Conferences

98. An Example of Brotherly Kindness

99. A Call for Colored Laborers

100. “Laborers Together With God”

101. Proclaiming the Truth Where There is Race Antagonism

102. “In All Wisdom and Prudence”

103. The Sabbath

104. The Color Line

105. A Lesson from Christ’s Labors

106. A Time of Preparation

107. The Warfare Before Us

108. Consideration for Colored Laborers

109. The Needs of a Mission Field

110. A Time of Trial Before Us

111. Sunday Labor

112. Words of Caution

113. Faithful Stewardship

114. The Support of the Gospel

115. The Use of the Tithe

116. A Solemn Obligation

117. Beneficence

118. The Glory of the Gospel

119. The Blessings of Stewardship

120. Meeting Around the Cross

121. The Spirit of Independence

122. Unity in Diversity

123. The General Conference

124. A Distribution of Responsibility

125. A Warning

126. In Humility and Faith

127. Wise Counselors

128. Go Forward

129. The Example of Christ

130. To the Workers in Southern California

131. “I Am But a Little Child”

132. “Followers of God, as Dear Children”

133. The Reward of Earnest Effort