Testimony Treasures, volume 2


   . Foreword

  1. The Day of the Lord at Hand

  2. Envy and Criticism

  3. Jealousy and Faultfinding Condemned

  4. Laborers for God

  5. Agents of Satan

  6. Will a Man Rob God?

  7. Diligence in Business

  8. Shall We Consult Spiritualist Physicians?

  9. Looking Unto Jesus

10. The Seal of God

11. An Appeal

12. Christian Unity

13. Christ Our Righteousness

14. Christian Growth

15. Times to Try Men’s Souls

16. Beware of Erroneous Teaching

17. “Praise Ye the Lord”

18. Love Among Brethren

19. Marriage With Unbelievers

20. The True Missionary Spirit

21. Business and Religion

22. Worldly-Mindedness a Snare

23. Responsibilities of the Physician

24. The Coming Crisis

25. The Church the Light of the World

26. Joshua and the Angel

27. Importance of the Sabbath

28. Guarding the Interests of Brethren

29. Behavior in the House of God

30. Practical Godliness

31. “Your Reasonable Service”

32. An Impressive Dream

33. Elements of Success in God’s Work

34. Education of Workers

35. “The Appearance of Evil”

36. Love for the Erring

37. The Prosperity of the Church

38. The Sin Against the Holy Spirit

39. God’s Presence a Reality

40. The Nature and Influence of the “Testimonies”

41. An Unwarranted Distinction

42. The Mysteries of the Bible a Proof of Its Inspiration

43. The Impending Conflict

44. The Inestimable Gift

45. The Character of God Revealed in Christ

46. The Word Made Flesh

47. God’s Care for His Work

48. The Remnant Church Not Babylon

49. God’s Purpose in the Church

50. The Work for This Time

51. The Camp Meeting

52. Working for the Higher Classes

53. Baptism

54. The Temperance Work

55. Women to Be Gospel Workers

56. Teaching Home Religion

57. Parable of the Straying Sheep

58. The Need of Educational Reform

59. Hindrances to Reform

60. Character and Work of Teachers

61. Words From a Heavenly Instructor

62. School Homes

63. Industrial Reform

64. The Avondale School Farm

65. Church Schools

66. School Management and Finance

67. God’s Design in Our Sanitariums

68. The Physician’s Work for Souls

69. The World’s Need

70. The Church’s Need

71. Our Duty to the Household of Faith

72. Our Duty to the World

73. The Care of Orphans

74. The Medical Missionary Work and the Third Angel’s Message

75. Importance of the Colporteur Work

76. Qualifications of the Colporteur

77. The Colporteur a Gospel Worker

78. Revival of the Colporteur Work

79. The Sabbath School

80. Showing Hospitality