Testimony Treasures, volume 3


  1. Preparation for the Final Crisis

  2. The Observance of the Sabbath

  3. Giving to God His Own

  4. Christ in All the Bible

  5. Our Attitude Toward the Civil Authorities

  6. The Church and the Ministry

  7. The Home Missionary Work

  8. Help for Mission Fields

  9. The Claim of Redemption

10. Work for Church Members

11. The Work in the Cities

12. Family Worship

13. Responsibilities of Married Life

14. The Knowledge of Health Principles

15. The High Calling of Our Sanitarium Workers

16. Out of the Cities

17. Consideration in Buildings

18. Centralization

19. The Sign of Our Order

20. The Sabbath in Our Restaurants

21. Healthful Foods

22. Educate the People

23. God’s Purpose in Our Publishing Houses

24. Our Denominational Literature

25. Commercial Work

26. Publishing Houses in Mission Fields

27. The Church and the Publishing House

28. Sacredness of God’s Instrumentalities

29. Co-operation

30. Self-Control and Fidelity

31. Danger From Improper Reading

32. Faith and Courage

33. Committee Meetings

34. Church Discipline

35. The Commission

36. The Promise of the Spirit

37. The Work at Home and Abroad

38. The Work in Europe

39. A View of the Conflict

40. A Neglected Warning

41. The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast

42. Our Burden Bearer

43. The Study of God’s Word

44. The Value of the Word of God

45. Leadership

46. One With Christ in God

47. Lay Members to Go Forth

48. Shall We Be Found Wanting?

49. Homeward Bound

50. The Laws of Nature

51. A Personal God

52. Danger in Speculative Knowledge

53. The Last Crisis

54. Called to Be Witnesses

55. Home Missionary Work

56. The Need of Earnest Effort

57. Our Publications

58. Circulate the Publications

59. A Broader View

60. Camp Meeting Instruction in Soul Winning

61. Conditions in the Cities

62. A Present-Day Work

63. An Appeal to Laymen

64. Faithfulness in Health Reform

65. A Plea for Medical Missionary Evangelists

66. The College of Medical Evangelists

67. Unity Among Different Nationalities

68. Unity in Christ Jesus

69. Christ’s Relation to Nationality

70. A Time of Trial Before Us

71. Sunday Labor

72. Beneficence

73. The Spirit of Independence

74. A Distribution of Responsibility

75. In Humility and Faith

76. Well-Balanced Leadership

77. “I Am But a Little Child”

78. The Reward of Earnest Effort

79. Courage in the Lord

80. A Parting Word of Confidence