A Brief Look at “1888”

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  1. The History of the 1888 Message

  2. The “Beginning” of the Fourth Angel’s Message

  3. Why Was This History So Long Neglected?

  4. The Common Denominator of All History

  5. The Background of the 1888 Message

  6. The Reaction Against the Message

  7. The 1901 General Conference Session

  8. The Failure of Jones and Waggoner

  9. The “Alpha” and the “Omega”

10. What was the 1888 message?

11. The essentials of the Jones & Waggoner message

12. Righteousness by faith in the true Christ

13. Justification is forensic effective

14. Justification is the dynamic of the message

15. The message is consistent with the unique Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary

16. The message was Good News

17. Sinless living in sinful flesh prepares us for the Second Coming

18. Why should there be opposition to such Good News?