The Gospel in Revelation

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   . Preface

  1. The Mystery of the Seven Stars

  2. John Writes Letters to His Followers

  3. Jesus Speaks to His Church Today

  4. The Door That Was Opened in Heaven

  5. The Strange Book No Man Could Open

  6. Breaking the Seals of the Mysterious Book

  7. The Mark God Places on His People

  8. Seven Angels Blow Trumpets of Alarm

  9. What the Bible Says About the Rise of Islam

10. John Eats a Little Book

11. The Despised Bible Wins a Great Victory

12. Who Is the “Woman Clothed With the Sun?

13. When All the World Will Marvel at the “Beast”

14. Heaven Sends a Fearful Warning to the World

15. When It Will Be Too Late to Be Saved

16. The Ruin Brought by the Seven Last Plagues

17. The Mystery of the Harlot, Mother of All Evil

18. Babylon Falls Like a Millstone Into the Sea

19. When the Lamb Will Marry a Wife

20. When Satan Is Bound in Chains for 1000 Years

21. Your Home in the New Jerusalem

22. You are Invited to “Come”

   . Appendix