In Search of the Treasure of Faith

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  1. The Thrill of Discovering Buried Treasure

  2. Our Topsy-Turvy World Needs True Religion

  3. Abraham’s Islam

  4. Abraham’s Faith Astonishes the World

  5. How Abraham Became “The Friend of God”

  6. Good News: Allah Shows a Smiling Face!

  7. Allah’s Way to Health, Happiness and Longer Life

  8. Can We Know What Lies Beyond Death?

  9. The Great War Behind All Wars: Satan’s Hatred Against Allah

10. Why Allah Commanded Hazrat Abraham to Offer His Son

11. Who Is Jesus Christ (Sayyidna Al Masih)?

12. The Man Who Bore the Mysterious Curse of God and Yet Lived

13. The Return of Jesus and the End of the World

14. Allah’s True Covenant of Sabbath Rest

15. The Mystery of How Sunday Observance Began

16. Finding Peace of Mind and Heart

17. The Daily, Practical Life of Faith

   . Appendix A

   . Appendix B