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Guide 01We Can Believe in God. Discover the truth about God.

Guide 02We Can Believe The Bible. Discover the truth about the Bible.

Guide 03Does My Life Really Matter To God? Discover the truth about evil.

Guide 04A Plan For Your Life. Discover the truth about Jesus.

Guide 05Bridge To A Satisfying Life. Discover the truth about our Savior.

Guide 06A Second Chance At Life. Discover the path of eternal life.

Guide 07About Your Future. Discover the meaning of history.

Guide 08When Jesus Comes For You. Discover the advent of the return of Jesus.

Guide 09Your Home In Heaven. Discover how to prepare to spend eternity with Jesus.

Guide 10How Soon Will Jesus Return? Discover the signs of his return.

Guide 11Mysterious Power In My Life. Discover the Holy Spirit.

Guide 12An Ever-Present Saviour. Find out what Jesus is doing these days.

Guide 13From Guilty Sinner To Forgiven Saint. Find out what Jesus can do for you.

Guide 14The Secret Of Answered Prayer. Discover how to develop an intimate relationship with God.

Guide 15The Secret Of Happiness. Discover the Ten Divine Commandments.

Guide 16The Secret Of Heavenly Rest. Discover how to enter the rest of God.

Guide 17The Secret Of Growth Through Sharing. Discover how to make Jesus known to others.

Guide 18The Secret Of A Healthy Lifestyle. Discover the laws of health.

Guide 19Entering the Christian Life. Discover how to make a covenant with God.

Guide 20The Secret Of Growth Through Fellowship. Discover the need for the existence of an organized movement of believers.

Guide 21Can the Majority Be Wrong? Discover what characterizes this movement of believers.

Guide 22Is God Fair? Find out what the millennium is.

Guide 23What and Where Is Hell? Discover what is hell.

Guide 24When a Person Dies…What Then? Discover immortality.

Guide 25Can I Find God’s Church Today? Discover the Church that holds the truth.

Guide 26Does God Have a Special Message for Our Day? Discover the message of the three angels.