Sketches and Memories of James and Ellen G. White


   . Introduction

  1. The man who couldn’t wait

  2. The young woman who was homesick

  3. A messenger of heaven

  4. Meeting fanaticism

  5. Laying a sure foundation

  6. Publishing the message

  7. The least of all seeds

  8. The home in Oswego, New York

  9. Publishing the Advent Review

10. Days of affliction

11. The publishing at Paris, Maine

12. Removal to Saratoga Springs

13. A forward move

14. Beginnings in Rochester

15. The Master printer

16. A visit to Michigan

17. Meeting the rising tide of spiritualism

18. Bereavement and distress

19. Healing, encouragement, and deliverance

20. In the valley of despair

21. The shadows lifting

22. A lesson of faith in God

23. East or West

24. Settling in Battle Creek

25. Confidence and united action

26. The conference of 1856

27. The laodicean message

28. A perilous venture across the Mississippi

29. Securing a power press and building a new meetinghouse

30. Early memories of our first home

31. A view of the age-long conflict

32. Jottings from Ellen G. White’s diary of 1859

33. Evidences of divine guidance

34. Steps toward the establishment of church order

35. The issue over organization

36. The movement for organization consummated