The Two Republics, or Rome and the United States of America


   . Preface

  1. The last days of the republic

  2. The two triumvirates

  3. The roman monarchy

  4. The “Ten Persecutions”

  5. Christianity and the Roman empire

  6. The rise of Constantine

  7. Ancient sun worship

  8. The falling away — The great apostasy

  9. The exaltation of the Bishopric

10. The religion of Constantine

11. Constantine and the bishops

12. The union of Church and State

13. The original sunday legislation

14. Establishment of the Catholic faith

15. Arianism becomes Orthodox

16. The Catholic faith re-established

17. Mary is made the mother of God

18. The Eutychian controversy

19. The pope made author of the faith

20. The Church usurps the civil authority

21. The ruin of the roman empire

22. The supremacy of the papacy

23. Protestantism — true and false

24. The new republic

25. The great conspiracy

26. The bond of union

27. Will it succeed?

28. Conclusion

   . Appendix