Testimonies on Sexual Behavior, Adultery, and Divorce


   . Preface

  1. Important Facts and Principles

  2. Cautions and Counsels

  3. Individuality

  4. Remarriage of Widows and Widowers

  5. The Christian Spouse’s Behavior

  6. Counsels to Walter and Laura

  7. Admonition to Walter’s Second Mother-in-law

  8. Failure of Walter’s Second Marriage

  9. Separation

10. Grounds for Divorce

11. The Sin of Licentiousness

12. Disregard of the Seventh Commandment

13. Dealing with Impure Thoughts and Suggestions

14. Sexual Excess within Marriage

15. Petting and Premarital Sex

16. Homosexuality

17. Masturbation

18. Child Abuse

19. A Housewife

20. A Long-Standing Adventist and His Mistress

21. A Hospital Worker

22. A Sanitarium Superintendent

23. A Would-Be Sanitarium Superintendent

24. A Medical Doctor

25. A Literature Evangelist

26. A Public Evangelist

27. An Honored Minister

28. An Influential Minister

29. Four Unholy Ministers

30. Ellen White’s Assistants

31. Respect for Unbiblical Marriages

32. Brother G

33. Stephen Beldens

34. William E (Part I)

35. William E (Part II)

36. Appeal to Ministers

37. Counsel to a General Conference President

38. Counsels to City Mission and Institutional Leaders

39. The Adulterer and Church Membership

40. A Statement by Ellen and James White

41. God’s Love for the Sinner

42. Understanding Others

A. Masturbation And Insanity

B. An Early Church Problem