The Word Was Made Flesh


   . Foreword

  1. What Was Made Flesh?

  2. The Circumstances of the Search

  3. The Purpose and Scope of This Paper

  4. Principles and Procedures: The Categories of Evidence

  5. A Bible-Based Christology

  6. Definition of Terms: Usages Peculiar to Ellen White – “White-isms”

  7. A Word Study: Passions and Propensities in the Writings of Ellen White

  8. An Explanation: The Baker Letter

  9. 1852-1894 The Period Before the Baker Letter

10. 1886-1904 Special Section: Bible Echo

11. 1895-1896 The Immediate Context of the Baker Letter

12. 1897-1915 The Period After the Baker Letter

13. 1916-1952 The Afterglow of Clarity and Unity

14. Reflection: How Many Ways Could She Say It?

15. July 10, 1952 and July 17, 1952 – An Editorial in the Review and Herald

16. September, 1956 and April, 1957 – Articles in Ministry Magazine

17. 1957 – Questions on Doctrine and The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary

18. The New Christological Pronouncement: An Examination of Sources

19. The New Christological Pronouncement: An Analysis of Evidence

20. Conclusion: An Unsound Methodology Has Led to Invalid Interpretations – An Offer of Reward

21. The Unavoidable Linkage Between the Nature of Christ and the Saving Work of Christ

22. The Increasing Tension – Something Has to Give

23. How Shall We Understand?

24. What Shall We Do Now?

   . Epilogue

  A. The Actual Text of the Baker Letter

  B. An Analysis of the Baker Letter

  C. Augustine’s Doctrine of Original Sin

  D. I Alone – The Predicament of Paul in Romans 7