Give Us This Day Our Daily Good News, Volume 1


   . Preface

  1. Burdens are lifted by glorious good news

  2. Why do we think it is so hard?

  3. Everything that Christ had, you have

  4. The gift of His boundless grace is already given to you

  5. “Be perfect” is a promise more than a command

  6. Grace will do its work If we don’t resist

  7. What is it that frustrates the grace of God

  8. What it means to receive the grace of God by faith

  9. What to do with problem of sinful flesh

10. What conversion does, and what it does not do

11. How not to get discouraged by the flesh

12. Learning not to look at yourself

13. The High Priest’s job: cleansing His sanctuary

14. He does His work; we cooperate

15. How the cleansing of the sanctuary goes forward

16. Are you worried about the sun falling down?

17. There is no room for boasting

18. Jesus name is the same as his Father’s

19. Where do we see Jesus now?

20. How did Christ take our flesh and blood?

21. Why Jesus took our flesh and blood

22. What is the “likeness” of our sinful flesh?

23. Why Jesus tempted like we are tempted today?

24. We are all tempted in different ways

25. Tempted like we are, but also more

26. Satan is stronger than us, but is paralyzed

27. There is no “relative closer” than Christ!

28. How is temptation overcome?

29. Sin is not inherited; but tendencies to it … ?

30. Are temptations and tendencise sin?

31. Christ is a complete Savior!

32. Shall we take the guilt and condemnation back?

33. The, “in Christ” motif tells us who we are

34. God will never disappoint you

35. How to know you are not under condemnation

36. Real forgiveness takes the sin away

37. Let’s stop inviting Satan to discourages us

38. Help when you are tired and exhausted

39. Let us believe how much the Lord loves us

40. What part does suffering have in glory?

41. Is Someone special praying for you?

42. The free gift is given to everyone

43. The Good News of the foreknowledge of God

44. What a joy to know that YOU are called!

45. Can anybody or anything be “against us”?

46. Something you think you see really isn’t there

47. Satan accuses; the angel of the Lord vindicates

48. When battles are a pleasure to fight

49. The place of the law in true heart conversion

50. How do we get hold of Christ?

51. “It’s easy living when you are dead”

52. Sinless living: possible or not?

53. No lost sheep can seek its shepherd

54. The most powerful force in the world is the gospel

55. The truth of God may not be with the majority

56. Be happy to have a humble place

57. How to be happy yet have no reputation

58. Christ actually did something for everyone

59. The reason why everyone cannot be saved

60. “Under grace” means obedience to God’s Law

61. The Good News is very, very good

62. How to meet temptation

63. Saved by faith and works, or faith which works

64. A true idea of faith clears up confusion

65. James and Paul not contradicting each other

66. Could God be on trial in the judgement?

67. It’s astounding that God has faith in us!

68. Even when Christ was dead He was stronger

69. Christ has the keys of our prison-house

70. Distress of nations is coming

71. The prosecuting attorney is defeated

72. How to divine-human Defense Attorney won

73. Christ had to take our fallen, sinful nature

74. Good News: we too can have the victory

75. The Master Workman doesn’t get discouraged

76. I Take your eyes off of yourself

77. The practical reality of “Not I, but Christ”

78. What is the secret cause of backsliding?

79. God cannot bear false witness about anyone

80. How is one justified, or made righteous?

81. The only way we can endure looking at the sun

82. The miracle-working power of forgiveness

83. The secret of overcoming

84. How the law of the God becomes the final issue

85. How weak people becomes strong

86. The lady who was bent over for 18 years

87. The kind of prayer that brings victory

88. Jehoshaphat’s God still hears his kind of prayer

89. Things to remember when we pray

90. The heavenly “Customer” made a purchase–you!