John Huss and the Hussite Wars


  1. Birth, Education, and First Labours of Huss

  2. Huss Begins his Warfare Against Rome

  3. Growing Opposition of Huss to Rome

  4. Preparations for the Council of Constance

  5. Deposition of the Rival Popes

  6. Imprisonment and Examination of Huss

  7. Condemnation and Martyrdom of Huss

  8. Wicliffe and Huss Compared in their Theology, their Character, and their Labours

  9. Trial and Temptation of Jerome

10. The Trial of Jerome

11. Condemnation and Burning of Jerome

12. Wicliffe, Huss, and Jerome, or the First Three Witnesses of Modern Christendom

13. The Hussite Wars

14. Commencement of the Hussite Wars

15. Marvellous Genius of Ziska as a General

16. Second Crusade Against Bohemia

17. Brilliant Successes of the Hussites

18. The Council of Basle

19. Last Scenes of the Bohemian Reformation