In Germany to the Leipsic Disputation


  1. Luther’s Birth, Childhood, and School-days

  2. Luther’s College Life

  3. Luther’s Life in the Convent

  4. Luther the Monk Becomes Luther the Reformer

  5. Luther as Priest, Professor, and Preacher

  6. Luther’s Journey to Rome

  7. Luther in Rome

  8. Tetzel Preaches Indulgences

  9. The “Theses”

10. Luther Attacked by Tetzel, Prierio, and Eck

11. Luther’s Journey to Augsburg

12. Luther’s Appearance Before Cardinal Cajetan

13. Luther’s Return to Wittemberg and Labours There

14. Miltitz — Carlstadt — Dr. Eck

15. The Leipsic Disputation