Grace on Trial


   . Preface

  1. When Heaven Caught “Us” By Surprise

  2. Why Do We Lose So Many of Our Youth?

  3. Christ’s Coming: How Soon is “Soon”?

  4. If It Isn’t Interesting, Maybe It Isn’t True

  5. If It Isn’t Good News, Can It Be True?

  6. If You Can’t Understand It, It’s Not the Gospel

  7. Can the Good News Be Made Too Good?

  8. The 1888 Message and Chastity: The “Precious” Nearness of Our Savior

  9. The New Covenant Breaks Through the Fog

10. The Story of 1888: What Really Happened?

11. Will the Seventh-day Adventist Church Ever Become Babylon?

   . Appendix