Receive the Holy Spirit


   . Preface

  1. He Will Not Leave Us Orphans

  2. Three Editorials on the Holy Spirit

  3. The Completeness of the Spirit

  4. The Spirit of Wisdom and Holiness

  5. The Spirit Directs, Gives Knowledge, and Brings Joy

  6. The Fruit of the Spirit is … Peace

  7. Filled in the Time of the Latter Rain

  8. We Are His Witnesses

  9. Full of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom

10. Did You Receive the Holy Spirit?

11. The Holy Spirit Has Made You Overseers

12. The Holy Spirit Received by Faith

13. Unless the Holy Spirit is Received

14. To Bring the New Creation to Perfection

15. The Spirit is Bestowed; the Gifts are Imparted

16. The Greatest Gift: Keeping the Commandments

17. Perfecting Those Who Keep the Commandments

18. Desire Spiritual Gifts

19. Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit

20. The Spirit Seals Us for Redemption

21. The Spirit Perfects Us for Redemption

22. The Mystery of God

23. Imputed and Imparted Righteousness

24. Baptized by the Spirit into One Body

25. The Unity of the Spirit

26. The Spirit Teaches Us the Things of God